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Regen360 Podcast: Climate Take Back

David Gottfried, founder of the U.S. & World Green Building Councils and author of Explosion Green, has been hosting the Regen360 Podcast Show for the past year and a half. The reason why he formed Regen360 is:

To answer critical questions about our current and future existence and sustainability on earth and our responsibility to the planet. What are we doing here? What are you doing for the planet? How do we create a life of legacy and purpose that is renewable and regenerative; that gives you the wealth and the income that you need and, even more importantly, is the planting of seeds that create a future that we’re proud of for our children and theirs?

Erin Meezan, Chief Sustainability Office at Interface, the world’s largest carpet tile manufacturer. (Image courtesy Regen360)

Mr. Gottfried recently had a conversation with Erin Meezan, the Chief Sustainability Officer at Interface about the company’s ambitious culture and innovative sustainability endeavors. Building upon the sustainability legacy of the late Ray Anderson, founder of the world’s largest carpet tile manufacturer, Interface has continued to lead the market and expand Mr. Anderson’s vision. They also discuss the economics of being a global sustainable manufacturer with 5000 employees, as well as Interface’s initiatives called Mission Zero, Climate Take Back and the March to 2020. Per Mr. Gottfried,

It takes vision and guts to lead, especially when there’s always resistance. Interface has been at the forefront since the beginning of the green building movement, and there’s so much we can learn from their example. And by the way, it’s good for business too!

Listen here to hear Mr. Gottfried’s interview with Erin Meezan, the CSO at Interface to learn more about promoting triple-bottom-line profitability.

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