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Architect Hatches an Eco-Conscious Egg Shelter

Unaffordable rental prices in Beijing inspired Dai Haifei (戴海飞), a 24-year old newly graduated architect, to create an eco-conscious makeshift home. His “egg house” features two wheels, sack bags, bamboo splints, wood chippings, grass seeds, a water tank and solar panel, and 130 square feet of “living” space.

In 2009 when I was interning for Standard Architecture, I was honored to participate in “egg of the city” (城市下的蛋) design project. “Egg of the city” series includes KTV house (already completed), Bench house (already completed), small shop house, fruit stand house, recycler house, message pallor house, backpackers house… “Egg of the city” series provides movable small homes for struggling group of people in the city, the home is also a tool for them to make a living. The green plants on the surface of the house become urban landscape.

Dai’s house was built with a 6,427 RMB (approximately $964 USD) loan from his family.  The home proved short-lived after the egg was “cracked” by Haidan district authorities as an illegal construction and towed away.  Dai is now living with friends and his design has been nominated for the second annual China Architecture Media Awards.

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